Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton was interviewed for “Chair Chats,” an online series hosted by South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman, Jaime Harrison. In the interview, Clinton was asked about a number of non-political topics including her granddaughter and her favorite TV shows. But a number of political topics were covered as well including race, education, and income inequality. Discussing topics ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Osama bin Laden raid to her favorite TV shows, this is a pure delight that puts Hillary’s warmth, humor and policy expertise on full unfiltered display.

It’s a true antidote to the pervading negativity of the mainstream media… and we could definitely use a lot more of this sort of thing.


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Chair Chats

“Partisanship, bitterness, gridlock, and vitriol are current staples of American politics. Gone are the days in which citizens felt a kinship or familiarity with the men and women who represent them in public office. Extreme partisanship and political polarization have created political caricatures. Chair Chats is a web series where South Carolinians can bypass political caricatures and get a more personal and in-depth glimpse of our national and local leaders. As the First in the South Democratic Primary, we are particularly fortunate to have almost all the 2016 Democratic candidates for President of the United States participate in these interviews.”

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